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VS2008: Remeber Linux anyone?

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Look at the second progressbar on the image. And to the very right -- yes, do you see a pipe rotating? That is so Linux-ish. Remember when the time when Linux wasn't so GUI-rich? This is what we would find for a progressbar:

| / -- \ | / ...

(Also, the redundancy of the top bar leaves me speechless. Why have it there when it's done?)

Best Error Message. Ever.

Category: , By Suman Kar

This error message made my day!

Office 2007 UI Fail!

Category: , , By Suman Kar

Another gaffe from Microsoft from an otherwise functionally superior product. I use keyboards a lot, and this irritates me, very, very much. When shortcuts are duplicated in the same menu. Of course, pressing 'm' twice takes you to the desired (Remove Hyperlink) menu item, but that defeats the very purpose of having a shortcut. Aye, mate?

Super Laptop Battery

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And you thought Lenovo's batteries were bad ...