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A time to kill, a time to write extensions!

By Suman Kar
Yes, I know you know its a plagiarised version of that verse quoted somwhere in Zahir; I know you read Coelho. But this is not about Coelho. Not even remotely so, except maybe _this_ paragraph.

I have been into UVA for some time now; solving problems or rather pretending to do so. In short, spending a hell of a lot of time there. And, gaining a bit of knowledge about a few things under the sun in the meantime.

I have also only recently started working (yes as in a professional environment) on Mozilla stuff. Firefox has long been my favourite browser; this turned out to be a great oppertunity thus to play around with really cool geek stuff. And I met extensions. And fell in love. And tried writing a few of my own. And wanted to do something for the guys who hang out at the uva board. And thus created uvacntr!

The idea's kinda' simple: display how many problems you've solved (I'll assume most programmers are egoistic enough to not be interested in how many someone else has solved :)) on the status bar at the right bottom corner of you Firefox browser window.
Here's a small snapshot of what it looks like. Only problem is I'll need some space to put the installer up. Till then, seems like I'll have to ask people to mail me with the subject like uvacntr at skarpio AT gmail DOT com for the xpi file.

Bug reports are welcome (I am still working on this). So are feature requests.

Known issues:
  • every time a new window is opened it'll ask for the user id.
  • works for quite a few firefox versions (haven't tested where it doesn't :)
  • not all bugs are known at the time of writing this post :D


  • should have an options tab
  • apart from number of 'Solved' problems add ??

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